Run: Green Mountain (6.02 mi)

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Up the front, down the back. Wore spikes for every step from Chat. Snow is beautifully setup now. Packed and tracked. Hiking was a bit harder today. Guess I am working again. So winter is here and I…didn’t hate it today. I flipped my mentality this week in advance of the new year. Gotta get moving on this training thing. … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (6.01 mi)

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‘Cause it’s your birthday Just back in Colorado last night. Might as well get back in the groove. I feel like today was the start of training season but its going to be a slow build for a while. I am suffering from 15 extra pounds since Leadville race weight. That is sort of expected. I can’t hold race weight. … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (6.10 mi)

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More hiking. OK, is this hiking shit supposed to feel like a workout? It did the first few times but now I am starting to think its a waste of time. I just don’t feel that cardio burn that I have come to love and hate. Whatever. Nobody out today except OSMP dudes with chainsaws cutting down some trees on … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (6.08 mi)

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I have been bundling up for these hiking efforts because I don’t stay as warm as when running. However, today I was greeted with a little warmer temps and I appreciated that. Although, it didn’t last as I started winding up through the trails into the snow. Finally, put on my dull set of spikes for the last mile and … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (5.05 mi)

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Sort of a big day for those in the know. So I decided to continue my usual weekly routine and hike (not run) up Green. I have mixed emotions lately and I hoped that the trip to the mountain would reveal some inner secret or direction. I wanted the mountain to talk to me. Tell me what I should do. … Read More