Green Mountain

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It was only about 10 degrees when I left the house around 10 AM to hit the hill today. I didn’t think it would be fun. But upon arrival, the hills were shrouded in fog once again. Inversion? Saw TK in the parking lot and he confirmed it. Something fun about charging through the cold uphill in search of warmer … Read More

Green Day

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A favorite band. Yet what I also call Tuesdays and Thursdays. At least I keep switching up the route just a tad. Soon I need to venture further south. Today I was lucky to have some company for part of the day. I met JV and Skurka up near the summit. Then JV headed off on some old trail for … Read More

Green Mountain on Easter

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My favorite outings on Green have probably been the slowest ones. Why? Because I am accompanied by my family! I get to take time. Its about being out there, not getting it done. I am not one for holiday or traditions on holidays. I sort of feel anti-holiday most of the time. Maybe anti-normal. So when Easter day plans came … Read More

Run: Home-Green Mountain-Home (53.06 mi)

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Previously. A little background, back in 2010 at that link above, I did something “crazy”. I ran from Home to Green Mountain in late March. I recall being pretty spent but I enjoyed taking the RTD bus back to Longmont, then having my family pick me up for the final miles home. I told stories of that run for a … Read More