Galloping Gobbler 4M 2011

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Distance 4M Time 25:48 Pace 6:27 Rank 97 of 3075 GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Back in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the holiday. Met up with Ward Moya to run the local turkey trot. 3,000 runners strong! Saw a few old faces there. Start got underway late. Boo. Basically, it was a lasso shaped course out through the big cemetery next … Read More

Kicking Dumb Fat People While They Are Down

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My hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, seems to be constantly under the microscope lately. They have been ranked as fat, and then stupid in Men’s Health. Now, in yet another meaningless poll, they have been ranked as limp. This is definitely something that we all needed to know. I am still trying to figure out if a low rating here … Read More

Now I Understand

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I have been having some disagreements with some folks in my birthplace of Fort Wayne, Indiana lately. On a few things, I just couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t see eye to eye. Maybe the answer is in this article. Men’s Health – Is Your City Stupid? So Fort Wayne get the lowest grade in the class — an F. … Read More