We Are Having More Babies

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With the new full on fish tank setup, we have some news — my fish are getting it on! Apparently, the combination of some of the live food and the lunar lights creates a good environment for spawning. We have 2 different pods of eggs right now. No clue which of our several species did the job. Will try and … Read More

Oxygen Production

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Its been almost a month since we redid the fish tank with the new plant system. Had one leak in the system during that time. I called the distributor. They routed me to a guy in the adjacent area code. Turns out he is 15 minutes from my house. So I drove the part up there and showed him the … Read More

A New Look

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Ever since our fish tank disaster, and our new replacement tank, I haven’t had any success growing good plants. I used to get lucky with a mix of stuff to get them to grow. However, in the new tank, nada. So my wife spent about 100 hours googling about how to get them to grow and came to the decision … Read More