Disturbed @ Fillmore / Denver, CO / 2009

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Another Music as a Weapon tour. I think this is the 4th. 4 bands on the bill: Lacuna Coil, Chimaira, Killswitch Engage and Disturbed. I had only seen Disturbed before. 2 times. Once in this same venue and last summer in Indy. In Indy, they were with Slipknot, which I just saw weeks ago. Small world. I got there just … Read More

Slipknot @ Mayhem Festival / Indianapolis, IN / 2008

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I was a late comer to Slipknot. When I needed motivation for those long runs, Slipknot’s live concert music powered me along. So when I found out they were coming out of hiatus this summer to tour, I was so excited…until I saw the Denver date — July 20th — I had the Leadville 50 that day. SHIT! For a … Read More

Disturbed @ Fillmore / Denver, CO / 2006

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Disturbed was in town last night. The show was good, not great. Maybe it was me. I just didn’t feel like the band had that much energy. Maybe that is just their deal. Not sure. This lizard dude came out in between acts and was doing crazy stuff. Here he had this other guy throw darts in his back. It … Read More