Killing Me Slowly

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Back in June 2013, I kicked diet drinks. It stuck. Haven’t had one since. Well, there was this random Diet Pepsi in our fridge that a guest left a year ago and I tried it. It was awful. It used to be my favorite. It was funny how my tastes changed back after the purge. Then last spring, I dieted … Read More

Always Something New

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I never really took my health or my fitness serious until the late 2000s. Until then, I just existed in that dimension. But since then I feel like I am always on the search for the next thing. The next bump. Sometimes they are small and hard to find. It might be changing to a different style of shoe. It … Read More

Aspartame Free

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From time to time, I get on a kick and try and do something different. So I decided back in May it was time to stop drinking diet soda. So I finished up every last drop in the house and instructed the shopping chief to purchase these products no more. The rest was up to me. I knew it wouldn’t … Read More