Denver Marathon 2007

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 03:59:19 (PR) Pace 9:08 Rank 494 of 1563 GPS Analysis Strava Today was the day I had been waiting for. After getting sick and not being able to finish last year and a so-so finish at my first marathon in May, I was trained and ready. Grading myself, I probably did a A- on my training … Read More

Denver 1/2 Marathon 2006

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Distance 13.1 miles Time 2:00:00 Pace 9:00 Number of Runners 2000 GPS Analysis MotionBased It wasn’t meant to be. My family has been sick all week. Everything from vomit to diarrhea. Something is going around. Again. These kids bring it home. I haven been sick like once a decade in my lifetime but these last few years are setting a … Read More

Korn and Linkin Park: Worth Twice the Price

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Finally, another night of rock and roll. There haven’t been a lot of good concerts this summer so I was ready to go. I had an errand to run before I went to the concert tonight and I was running late leaving the house. As I flew out the door, I noticed the mail hadn’t been dropped off yet. So … Read More