Done With Dell

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As you may recall when I was planning my computer upgrade, the key was the 30″ monitor. I did all my homework and Dell’s new 3008WFP 30 inch UltraSharp Widescreen Digital Flat Panel won. It bested the 30″ Apple Cinema Display by a touch. The Apple one seemed slightly out of date but it had the Apple mojo going for … Read More

Time To Upgrade

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Everything on my desktop PC is coming to a slow crawl. I click on an email and have to wait to view it. I don’t know what the deal is — I think its just my PC aging. So its time for my upgrade. I have been waiting and deciding for months now. I boiled it down to 2 priorities: … Read More

Tis The Season

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After the recent near death experience on my aging desktop machine, I started browsing for my next box. Here were some of my thoughts so far: iMac – Steve’s tractor beam has me. Pretty. But what does it give me? A nice machine in a monitor? I have a floor. I am used to a box on the floor. I … Read More

Don’t Blow Up Yet

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My Dell Dimension 8200 has been running since March 2002. I have put various upgrades into it over the years but its never given me trouble. However, yesterday we got home and my monitor looked off. I hit all the buttons but no signal. What’s wrong? Computer was on. I hooked the machine up to one of my other monitors … Read More