Wyatt And I Want To Sleep

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Dakota is up pacing around because she ate some crap and doesn’t feel good. And then every 8-10 minutes Kim keeps breathing real hard. Can’t a guy get some sleep? Oh, wait…maybe I better start looking for my keys. Nah. She can suffer here for a few more hours until I get my beauty rest.

Just Out For a Walk

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So we went to dinner and ran some errands tonight.  Normally, when we arrive home as we pull in the driveway we see the two dogs, Dakota and Wyatt, looking at us jumping up and down.  Sometimes they do not hear us and are asleep in the dog houses.  So I went around back and looked for them and the … Read More

Sexy Woman


We were taking pictures of the pets today for a little art project and Dakota couldn’t stop posing.  Everybody else was a pain in the ass. Is this really art?