Got The Pee

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We kept Dakota from going the bathroom this morning and got her to the vet. They drew blood and then took urine. Kim had me thinking they were going in through the pee pee (that’s how I have to talk because I am a daddy). However, they didn’t. They shoved a needle right into her belly and into the bladder. … Read More

Ultrasound Says We Are Having A…Kidney?

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Oh, sorry. Kim’s ultrasound is tomorrow. Watch for tweets! Today was Dakota’s kidney ultrasound. The short of it was that her kidneys look good. No signs of the bad stuff like disease. Vet talked to specialists at CU and they believe it is some type of bacteria infection. Tomorrow, Dakota goes back in for another blood draw and a “sterile … Read More


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Dakota had her vet visit and they tested her kidney function again. Apparently, her levels of “bad stuff” have doubled again. At this point, they say her kidneys are acting like those of a 14-year old dog, not an almost 8-year old one. So yesterday and today, we took her back to the vet in the early morning to have … Read More

Blizzard ’09

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Only the 2nd time this year, I had to start this bad boy up! Dakota like to get out in this stuff and run. Guess that drift was deeper than she thought. Where did the mountains go? Decided to use this as an excuse not to run today. Could have easily in the afternoon but oh well. Bet it all … Read More

Chautauqua, Doggie-Style

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Distance 2.51 miles Time 1 hr 33 min Elevation Gain 697 feet When a woman is in her first trimester of pregnancy, it is a challenging time. Trying to eat. Nothing tastes good. Puking. Feeling nauseous. So I figured our hikes would be on hiatus for a little while. However, over the holidays, I got the dogs something special for … Read More