I Love You, Dakota

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From a few years ago, we came home and found Dakota sitting on the table. When we went to Leadville, Dakota went to her normal doggy day care spot for the weekend. We weren’t excited about leaving her behind but it was just for 2 nights and we felt she was in good hands. Unfortunately, her body was working so … Read More

Back for a Check-up

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We took Dakota back to the specialist for a check-up. Her blood pressure was still under control but all her kidney levels measured from her blood were worse. Like 25%. It was a surprise although she has been sluggish a little more this week than prior. She was at the doggy day care during my race last weekend so it … Read More

Little Miss Kidney Disease

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Well, mid-week we were not seeing much improvement. So we got Dakota started on some more anti-nausea meds from the pharmacy. We also had to go and purchase more fluids for her so we could continue the nightly treatment. Her eating was spotty. Yesterday, we saw a sign of life! She barked at people walking outside behind our house. This … Read More


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Dakota is still keeping on keeping on. She is definitely being lazy and sleeping a lot. We often find her shaking really softly and then have to rub her belly to calm her down. She just won’t eat either. So the doctor prescribed some human anti-nausea pills that we had to go fill at Walgreens. Dakota is in the computer … Read More

Not Her Time Yet

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Our house hold has been off for about a week. An update… Last year, Dakota was diagnosed with some type of kidney disease. Then a few months ago, it progressed and we were doing ultrasounds and trying to rule out everything we could. She kept steadily declining but it was hard for us to see it day by day. Last … Read More