Swim WOD

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CrossFit gets wet! This weekend, my gym moved all workouts to the pool. Instead of our normal Saturday morning WOD schedule, willing participants were to meet at Sunset pool in Longmont for a swim WOD. I competitively swam through high school so this was right up my alley. I still feel at home in the water but don’t get there … Read More

A Discussion on CrossFit

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I was a guest on Elevation Trail again today. I am going for the record number of guest appearances. Last time, we touched on CrossFit. This time I got the whole show dedicated to it. I am a force to be reckoned with. Joining me was my coach and co-owner of my gym, Shawn Wentz. His 10 year experience with … Read More

CrossFit Challenge

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This past weekend my gym hosted a CrossFit challenge. Coming from the running world, I compared it to a race. But more of a test of how my fitness and strength were coming along. Folks from other gyms came as well and competed alongside us. It was a healthy sized group of folks. The exact workout isn’t announced until the … Read More

Your Monthly Dose

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Some people continue to mock my new CrossFit hobby. But we know he is just afraid. However, the meme seems to state that CrossFitters love to tell everyone about CrossFit. So I have tried to keep to myself. Ultimately, I hope the fitness I gain and the run race results to come will be the best story. But maybe, I … Read More

The Next Chapter

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With some disappointing results this past season, I felt like it was time to re-evaluate. So at the end of the Denver Marathon, I stopped running. I did sprinkle in a few occasional dog jogs around home or on the local hills. But nothing serious. The intent of this was two-fold. 1) Rest. My legs hurt all the time. Every … Read More