Ski Weekend

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With a 4 day weekend and Natalee and Chad in town, the girls got some more time on the slopes. I got my first pair of new googles in like a decade so I was excited to be sporting my new iridium lens. Nobody can see my eyes now. Kayla said its creepy. This was my ski buddy. We have … Read More

Ski Cooper

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A productive first weekend of the 2013 ski season with my chicas. I dropped my pole off the lift minutes after this photo and had to go retrieve it solo. The girls headed down another route by themselves and I joined them later. Crazy…I remember when they couldn’t ski. Probably more proud of this than teaching them how to ride … Read More

Ski Cooper

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To celebrate our final weekend of ski season 2012 at Cooper, I got me a GoPro camera so I could properly capture my kid’s performances. The iPhone wasn’t cutting it and the Flip is dead. So I mounted up helmet style and got some Reagan video. This probably isn’t the best ski video you have ever seen. No helicopter stunts. … Read More