Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth

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Finally! I have been waiting years to see Nine Inch Nails in concert. For whatever reason, we just never hooked up in the same city at the same time. But now I have — after NIN visited the Mile High city tonight! I showed up early and they had two terrible opening acts. I didn’t like either at all and … Read More

Green Day: Jesus of Suburbia

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Its been awhile! No good shows have come to Denver for a while. Tonight, Green Day was here. All alone so let’s go! I parked and went through 3 ticket guys before I got a hold of a floor ticket for $10 over face value. So if you count all the Ticketmaster charges, I came out ahead — especially because … Read More

Korn and Linkin Park: Worth Twice the Price

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Finally, another night of rock and roll. There haven’t been a lot of good concerts this summer so I was ready to go. I had an errand to run before I went to the concert tonight and I was running late leaving the house. As I flew out the door, I noticed the mail hadn’t been dropped off yet. So … Read More

Velvet Revolver

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Despite being pissed off about the DRM on the new Velvet Revolver CD, I had to go and see the band tonight. Denver was the last stop of the first tour for these guys. Their new album hit #1 this past week so it was fun to see a new band with a lot of energy that was on top … Read More

Metallica: Pissed Off About Being Pissed On

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Metallica visited the Mile High City tonight! As you might have guessed, I was there. I think this was the 9th time I have seen them in concert. Cool thing is that I have now seen them 4 times since Sydney was born and she isn’t even 1 year old yet! Man, that’s every quarter. I could get used to … Read More