Quandary Peak (14,265′)

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Distance 6.82 miles Moving Time 2 hr 22 min Summit Elevation 14,265 feet Elevation Gain 3,407 feet Route East Slopes GPS Export GPX GPS Analysis Strava Family flew out last night leaving me alone for a few days. So the annual process begins where I don’t sleep much and try and hike a few mountains. However, this year — I … Read More

Mount Belford (14,197′) & Mount Oxford (14,153′)

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Distance 11.45 miles Moving Time 5 hr 6 min Summit Elevation 14,197 feet (B)/14,153 feet (O) Elevation Gain 6,033 feet Route Missouri Gulch Trailhead I have obviously been consumed by running this summer. Plus with B2 on the sidelines with her new baby, there isn’t a lot of company on hikes. So I called my sister, Natalee, mid-summer and put … Read More

La Plata Peak (14,336′)

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Distance 8.97 miles Moving Time 4 hr 4 min Summit Elevation 14,336 feet Elevation Gain 5,731 feet Route Northwest Ridge GPS Export GPX KML GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Natalee and Dohn came in from Indiana for the holiday weekend. I had planned on getting at least 1 more 14er in for the season. Natalee was ready to go. She had … Read More

Mount Massive (14,421′)

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Distance 19.86 miles Total Time 13 hr 18 min Summit Elevation 14,421 feet Elevation Gain 6,504 feet Route Windsor Lake and Native Lake GPS Export TCX GPX KML GPS Analysis Garmin Connect A few weeks ago, B2 says to me, “Hey, do you want to do the Mount Massive traverse with me?” Sure. I want to get Mount Massive checked … Read More

Huron Peak (14,003′)

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Distance 7.04 miles Moving Time 2 hr 49 min Summit Elevation 14,003 feet Elevation Gain 3,991 feet Route South Winfield Trailhead 4WD GPS Export GPX GPS Analysis Strava Rise and shine! Time to go up high again. I get the honor of going with B2 again. Turns out she hasn’t done Huron yet. Can’t let me get an edge on … Read More