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What is the significance? My new favorite number? The US Patent Office finally got off its butt and issued our patent yesterday. This is a long long long process that takes forever. I suppose they can’t just rubber stamp these things through but years later its a small consolation that it actually gets issued. You can read all about 6,915,331 … Read More

Patent Approved

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I got word at work today that the US Patent Office is going to issue us a patent on an invention we submitted a few years ago. It has taken years to get through this process. Once it becomes official, I will post a link. I think I get some cash. Yum.

Revolving Doors

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Prior to being acquired by Cisco, life was simple. We hired what we thought were great people. They usually fulfilled that in the coming years. Co-workers became friends, well, family — we see them more than we do our own families at times. Now, I live in a world of revolving doors. Employees are getting older and changing up their … Read More

VoIP Is Alive

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Being that I work in a group focused on voice over IP communications, I have been itching to switch my home phone over to VoIP. I already use VoIP for work. The delay? Nobody can transfer my home phone number away from Qwest. The reason seems to be some “big old phone company” reason. I don’t get it. So after … Read More

MeetingPlace Finally Does Video

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The Cisco press machine is now starting to publicize the release of MeetingPlace that my team finished up last month. Cisco adds videoconferencing to MeetingPlace – IT World Cisco launches video conferencing package – ComputerWeekly.com Cisco adds video to conferencing suite – ZDNet.com Now when people ask me what we build and they go “Oh, like video conferencing?”, I can … Read More