Very Important Demo

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I had a big demo today! I had to show my family TelePresence and convince my kids it was the real me on TV. So we set them up in one conference room and I ran over to another. We called each other and had a nice chat about how we were on TV and all the funny sounds we … Read More

Changes In Latitude

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I have been working on MeetingPlace for a long time. It was 1998 when some random recruiter called me and pitched the product and position. I wasn’t too sure about it but the company was within walking distance so I figured I would check it out. Couldn’t hurt. Nearly 9 years later I am still working on that same product. … Read More

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge 2007

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Distance 3.50 miles Time 25:07 (PR) Pace 7:11 Number of Runners 5340 GPS Analysis MotionBased I happened to be in town for this event. I was pretty excited to participant in this activity with co-workers. I have been on my 6 days per week running training all summer but its all solo. Fun to have other co-workers to run with … Read More

A Look Inside

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Thought this was interesting. Cisco posted a video from our company meeting for all to see to show off our TelePresence technology. Have a peek.