Running in Reston

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Sunday While on our RV trip I found out that I would have to fly to DC, more specifically Reston, VA, for a 3 day summit meeting for work to visit with folks from TANDBERG, a newly acquired Cisco entity. Been through the area before but never stopped. Luckily, I was able to easily arrange my flights so I could … Read More

Run: I-880 (6.26 mi @ 07:27)

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Some photos from the celebration last night. Here is Ted (my boss) up on stage getting his diploma from the big bosses, JC and MDB. After the pictures with JC were over, we grabbed MDB (our SVP) and had him pose with some of my team. From left to right: Manju, Vivek, MDB, Luke, Naveen, Me. Woke up and wanted … Read More

What I Have Been Working On

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About a year ago at work, I left all current projects to pursue a new opportunity. I began an effort to prototype an idea that had started floating around. Along with one of our product managers, Steve, we iterated through prototypes and demonstrated concepts to various decision makers. It went all the way to the top. Yep, the big guy. … Read More

Globalizing Your Health Care

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While the in-fighting continues on health care reform in the US, technology continues to advance. With Cisco TelePresence, it will be possible for you do get treated by a doctor on the other side of the world while sitting in a local clinic — or even your own home. Given the US health system ranks 37th, this should help make … Read More

Got A Mention

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My TelePresence @ Home post picked up coverage from NetworkWorld’s Cisco Subnet column. Guess they didn’t mind the implied use of TelePresence for phone sex. NetworkWorld: What do you need to hook up Cisco TelePresence at home? It isn’t the WSJ but how many times can I be referenced there? Two so far!