Goodbye, Cisco

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This is my stop. Getting off here. Thanks for the ride. In 2004, our relatively “small company” got acquired by its neighbor down the street, Cisco. Nearly a decade of working at a “big company” has led me to a decision to make a change. Years ago, I might have written a diatribe about all the things that were behind … Read More

Cisco Jabber Video Has Arrived

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I have a dream…that one day all telepresence endpoints could be free… That was the vision a few like minded folks inside Cisco saw about a year ago. So we set off on a path to build something that was free. The naysayers said that it could be a threat to our existing hardware business for telepresence. Well, maybe in … Read More

Cisco TelePresence Turns 5

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I haven’t been working on it the whole time, but it was cool to see this milestone occur last week. In many ways, collaboration has been the center of my professional career as long as I have had one. Starting with web conferencing and moving to life-sized video conferencing solutions. We call it telepresence. This shows some of what we … Read More

Love For The Cisco TelePresence Directory

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Telepresence Options, a blog about all things Telepresence, awarded the 15 Best Video Network Infrastructure Solutions of 2010. They didn’t rank between the 15 but simply posted in alphabetical order. Check out #4! That was my baby for the past couple of years. #3 is brought to you by a sister team of mine. Both from our business unit within … Read More

With The Boss

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John and I had a little chat Monday morning. Second time I have been in the room with the man. And this was the first time I had the balls to ask for photo op. Can I get a raise?