Rocky Mountain National Park

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We went to the park this weekend on a scout camping trip for the girls. I was excited to get back into the park because we just never go there and its so close. Not sure why, but I have ideas. We either drive visitors through it or I go to run Longs. Otherwise, not much. So our camp site … Read More

Camp Hummingbird

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The kids and I have a 3 day weekend so we figured we should do something. We were reminiscing on our spring break last year so we decide to return to Camp Hummingbird for a night in the mountains. The place can only be booked for Friday and Saturday nights in the winter. Saturday was full so we went for … Read More

Spring Break, Colorado-Style

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Kim and I blew the Spring Break budget this year on the Costa Rica trip. Plus we are headed to Indiana this month for a week for our nephew’s wedding. Hence, Spring Break 2009 was to be played out close to home. However, we figured with all the warm spring weather we could do some cabin camping to get away … Read More

Dogs Like Camping

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Every year, we take the dogs with us on this one camping trip. They don’t do well in the car so they don’t get to go more than that. However, once they arrive…its paradise!

Adventures in Camping

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Although hesitant, I am starting to get this attitude that its good to do difficult things because then you don’t stress about them anymore. This weekend we left home on Friday afternoon and drove to Leadville to go camping. There is a large lake outside of Leadville called Turquoise Lake. It sits right at the base of Mount Massive. Its … Read More