Run: Coyote Creek (6.54 mi @ 08:09)

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MT100s. Much easier effort than yesterday. Hip seemed to cooperate but its on edge the whole time. Knee cap hurts to start before ligaments loosen up. Right hamstring actually seemed the tightest overall and is probably a key factor in this ball of twine injury. Everyday is something new. Ended up going out further on purpose for some extra time … Read More

Run: Coyote Creek (5.08 mi @ 07:13)

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Continuing on the 5 mile a day strategy a bit longer. Nice and warm back in San Jose. Ran a usual loop out here where I circle part of Cisco then hit the trail then run by the In-N-Out burger. Today was one of those days where it just felt good to run harder. So I did. The hip was … Read More

Run: Pacific Grove (5.22 mi @ 08:05)

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Same drill as the day before. Capped distance for safety. Things were tight off the bat. Took it slow outbound. Lots of runners on the trail. Noticed a ton of Big Sur Marathon shirts. Felt like I needed to go back and get a Leadville shirt or something to explain my own awesomeness. However, it wasn’t feeling that great so … Read More

Run: Monterey Cannery Row (5.00 mi @ 07:49)

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We left Colorado on Thursday night for a family work/play trip to California. We used to live here until 2001 if you are new to the story. Kim hasn’t been back since pre-Kayla so she was ready for a return visit. We got to DIA early to a delayed flight. Had to kill more time before finally boarding. Traveling with … Read More

Run: Mission Peak (5.78 mi @ 13:10)

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Another late business dinner last night. Didn’t get back to the hotel until 10:30. Went right to bed since I knew I need to get up early to run again if I wanted to get it in on a travel day. Glenn asked me what I was going to do and I responded “probably back up Mission Peak”. He said … Read More