Disneyland 2014

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Spring Break is a wrap! We ventured to California once again to the land of Disney. While we have been to both Disneyland and Disney World, we have gravitated to Disneyland the last few times for various reasons. Better weather. Cheaper flights. Shorter lines. Out of park options for dining and entertainment. And we don’t even need a car! I … Read More

Dreamforce 2013

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Salesforce.com puts on the largest vendor led conference in the technology sector. So this year we were announcing the product I had been working on for the last 6 months at my job, Blue Jeans for Salesforce. So as part of that I got to go to the conference and experience the craziness of Dreamforce. It was epic — as … Read More


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Previously. Yep, my Dad and I saw Discovery launch back in October of 2007. That was pretty neat even from a distance. It was kind of a bucket list thing that just happened to come true. Fast forward to 2012 and the shuttles being retired then “gifted” to others to be put on display. After watching all the coverage of … Read More

Spring Break 2012

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Had an excellent vacation this past week taking the family to Southern California for Spring Break. Disney, again? Yep. We seem to be hitting it about every 18 months or so but we alternate between Florida and California. This Spring Break it was just too pricey to go anywhere out of the country and with Kayla way into Disney Princesses, … Read More

Run: Mission Peak (5.73 mi @ 09:52)

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Got out of my workshop at 5 PM and was ready to run. It was cloudy and cool. Good temps for running but me likes some sun. Took 60 minutes to get to the trailhead and be ready to run even though its only a few miles away. Traffic sucks here. I was used to it when I lived here … Read More