Run: Green Mountain TT [FR/FR] (5.46 mi)

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We separated the men from the boys this evening. The boys found excuses to stay home. While the men (and a few ladies) showed up and got their run on. Hey, I live for this stuff. Getting together with all the peeps that I spend endless hours reading about, chatting with, commenting on, etc. Its a great time. Wish we … Read More

It Was Once Said

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Oh really? We all know how that went down but to add further insult to injury… Wait…is that a 9? Bibs started at 1000, so that guy must be 90XX. Oh man. Buried by a dude from corral 9. Its worse than we thought. Call the cops. Somebody better be guarding the overpasses in the Springs tonight. We might have … Read More

In Memory Of

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I had this bad boy handcrafted and installed in my backyard. Looks very nice. A fitting tribute. Rumor has it that my photo is hanging on his refrigerator in preparation for the rematch at the LT100. Should we take bets?

Boston Marathon 2010

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 2:59:03 (PR) Pace 6:50 Rank 1,208 of 22,540 GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Textbook. Went to bed early and woke up on my own around 4 AM. Stayed in bed and played out the day over and over in my mind. My alarm was set to go off at 5:30 but I turned it off at 5:29 … Read More