Ignite Boulder 9

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At Ignite Boulder 8, they announced there would be a special Ignite to commemorate “Global Ignite Week” but the link for tickets would go out to attendees of Ignite Boulder 1. So I knew I would have to do some work to get my seat. Turns out it wasn’t too hard and I was secured for a special 150 person … Read More

Boulder Skyline Traverse (14.18 mi)

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JV proposed something longer for today. We are in a bit of a warm weather streak in Colorado this week. So I said let’s do it and took the day off work so there were no time constraints. The obvious choice was the full traverse. I attempted a partial version of this last summer under my own round trip powers. … Read More

The Return of Brownie

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Brownie traveled up from the Springs to see the JBT at the Fox in Boulder. There wasn’t going to be enough head banging for me at that show so I opted to pre-party with him and his posse on The Hill. Being the “local”, I had to nominate the meeting place. Being I am not a college student, I don’t … Read More

Ignite Boulder 8

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Met up with JM and GZ tonight for Ignite Boulder 8. What is that? Ignite Boulder is a night of presentations with a twist. Presenting on a subject of their choice, speakers have exactly five minutes to teach something, enlighten us, or simply inspire–backed by twenty slides auto-advancing every fifteen seconds. Quick, fun, and smart, we sell out the Boulder … Read More

Run: Green Mountain x 2 (10.35 mi)

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With MLK Day off work, I wanted to get a longer run in. I put out the call for Green and got 3 bites: GZ, CL, and AK. We started up Gregory at 7:30 AM. I set my moderate pace because I knew the 2nd lap was going to be so much harder if I blew it up on this … Read More