It Was Once Said

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Oh really? We all know how that went down but to add further insult to injury… Wait…is that a 9? Bibs started at 1000, so that guy must be 90XX. Oh man. Buried by a dude from corral 9. Its worse than we thought. Call the cops. Somebody better be guarding the overpasses in the Springs tonight. We might have … Read More

In Memory Of

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I had this bad boy handcrafted and installed in my backyard. Looks very nice. A fitting tribute. Rumor has it that my photo is hanging on his refrigerator in preparation for the rematch at the LT100. Should we take bets?

Home Again So Its Data Time

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MarathonFoto put up race pictures today. See me suffer. $60 for one digital print. How crazy! I imported my GPS data from the race into SportTracks and ran the High Score plugin over it to see where my best splits occurred. Its just kind of fun to see. Distance Time Pace (min/mi) Start (mi) End (mi) 1 Mile 00:06:37 00:06:35 … Read More

Last Day in Bahstun

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I laid in bed this morning knowing that I had to take a piss but not really wanting to get out of bed because I would have to confront my legs. How mad are they going to be? And the verdict…not too bad. Definitely a little gimpy and its not quick going from seated to standing or vice versa. But … Read More

Boston: Survey Says!

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Thanks to everyone that took a minute to fill in the survey and predict my Boston performance. Like I said, it was fun to see and also informational. Gave me a sense of what some of you thought was possible and where I should sit. Overall, I just wanted it to be a fun exercise. Let’s see the results! Remember, … Read More