Boulder Skyline Traverse (14.18 mi)

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JV proposed something longer for today. We are in a bit of a warm weather streak in Colorado this week. So I said let’s do it and took the day off work so there were no time constraints. The obvious choice was the full traverse. I attempted a partial version of this last summer under my own round trip powers. … Read More

A Bear Thanksgiving

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All week I knew I needed to do something early Thanksgiving morning. Being the biggest race day of the year, a turkey trot was the obvious choice. But after looking at the Boulder course, I decided that was to curvy for me. I wanted a straight line 5k so I could PR big for Wave A. Not going to happen … Read More

Bear Peak & South Boulder Peak

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Last weekend before Leadville. Should I taper? Sure. But I felt like I still needed to get out. It is the 4th! You gotta climb something. So I decided to go hit Bear and SoBo easy today. I left from the Mesa Trailhead and ran up the Mesa Trail for about 3 miles. Wasn’t feeling so hot on that section. … Read More

Boulder Skyline Traverse

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Distance 13.71 miles Time 4:13:23 Elevation Gain 6,650 feet GPS Analysis MotionBased After last week’s peak assault, I felt bad that I hadn’t gotten out all week. My running sucked all week. I needed something to break it up. With the Leadville Trail Marathon only 2 weeks away, I needed to get my heart pumping for about 4 hours consistently. … Read More