Run: Boulder 8ers Figure 8 Deux (14.03 mi)

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Chatauqua-Baseline-Amp-Saddle-Greenman-Green-Green Bear-Bear Canyon-Mesa-Shadow-Bear-Bear West Ridge-Green Bear-Green-Ranger-Gregory-Baseline-Chautauqua Same plan as last weekend but changed up the route so I could intersect GZ on his run from home to Bear and back. Arrived before 9. Was gearing up in the truck when somebody knocked on my door and told me to turn down my awesome music. Who are you? A runner obviously … Read More

Run: Boulder 8ers Figure 8 (16.04 mi)

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Longest effort of 2011 at 4+ hours. Three 8,000+ foot peaks. Double Green Mountain ascents. We committed to spending a weekend on the Front Range instead of our usual commute to Leadville because of a few kid’s parties. Therefore, I found the energy and time to run longer in the hills around here today. I had some ideas on the … Read More

Run: BBMM 2010 (20.77 mi)

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Previously. It was that time of year again. The BTR fall group run otherwise known as the Basic Boulder Mountain Marathon. Last year, it sucked balls with a huge snow dump just days before. However, this year, I might say it was a tad hot for fall running. Looked like we would have a good showing even though a few … Read More