Run: Bear Peak [Fern] (4.81 mi)

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The mountain was surrounded in fog this morning. From the top, it was a sea of clouds. The Strava Challenge sucked me over to Bear today. I was happy to go. Something new. Hadn’t seen the burn area from Bear yet. SoBo was cooked! PR by a few seconds with 51:42 on the route with total hiking up Fern. Finally, … Read More

Run: Bear Peak & SoBo (6.09 mi)

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“Wanna go run at 8PM tonight?”, JV says. That’s like in the dark. OK. More used to running during the day time and I save my headlamp for Leadville. So this was my first Boulder peaks ascent in the dark oddly enough. We spent some time on the run discussing how we would save each other if there was a … Read More

Run: Green-Bear-Fern-Mesa (11.70 mi)

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Crosslite 2.0s maiden voyage Full parking lot Chris Lee on bike Baseline Gregory Lot Gregory People People People Dogs Struggled over rocks Downhill HR in the high 140s Hell yeah, but slow Grind up Hike steep for practice Summit Not a PR Soon Cough Butterflies Green-Bear West Ridge Summit Upper Fern Hate Skater fly by. OMG. Out of water Fuck … Read More

Run: Green-Bear (12.63 mi)

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Eh. Kim had a meeting this morning so I didn’t get to do my normal morning adventure. No problem. So I mowed the yard, played with the kids, and did some other stuff around the house. Kim brought home some lunch around noon. I was starved so I ate it and cleaned up after everyone else. Go the go ahead … Read More

Run: Boulder 8ers Figure 8 (16.01 mi)

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Sunrise No alarm 6:15 101s Drive Chautauqua Usual parking spot 7:15 Original loop pattern Baseline Gregory Bathroom #2 Gregory Canyon Ranger Caught guy from parking lot 46 WTF Green Mountain Summit #1 Olan Green-Bear 2 females with white butts Bear West Ridge Bear Peak Summit Saddle Hippie with VFFs South Boulder Peak Summit Hippie with multi-tool pliers out Shadow Canyon … Read More