Camp Dick 2008

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Another good weekend at Camp Dick with the family. We met up with 2 sets of neighbors and some other friends to keep the party going. The kids really enjoy getting outside and sleeping in the tent. Everybody took turns riding the ATVs up the trail. Reagan even got to go this year for a real ride. My favorite part … Read More

A Spooky Ride

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I took Dmitri for a ride at Lefthand today. We drove straight up to the top to the overlook for our first break. You can see Denver in the distance in the middle. This is Longmont to the direct East. My house is near the center of the photo behind the lake and smokestacks. There was a fire up in … Read More

The Devil’s Punchbowl

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We arrived in Crested Butte last night after a 5 hour drive from home. Crested Butte is a mecca for off-roading and mountain biking. After studying my off-road books, we decided to start easy the first day — not! I am doing the baddest trail they have to offer in this place. Bring it on! Driving North out of Crested … Read More

Back at Lefthand

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Well, after last weekend’s snow ride at Lefthand Canyon, I was ready to see some dirt this weekend. So I took Wes to Lefthand for a ride. Wes is a cyclist. It was time to teach him why God made engines. 🙂 When we reached the first stop, a few guys were having fun posing their trucks across this ditch. … Read More


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It snowed last night. We had planned on going ATVing today with the Jungbauers, who are in town visiting. I thought it might be too cold and difficult. When I broke the news to them, they were disappointed. We can’t have disappointed guests. Let’s go! So we arrive at Lefthand and the snow in the parking lot was even thick. … Read More