Mosquito Pass via ATV

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After taking the big girls to Mount Massive, Kayla was owed a mountain adventure. So we headed out on an ATV together on the best weather day of the week. Went to the east side of Leadville and I figured we ought to drive up Mosquito Pass. I have run it enough times but never actually drove to the top. … Read More

Leadville Rules

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Well, I mean that in the sense of laws too. We have 2 ATVs and in Leadville I can’t quite figure out the rules up there. They seem welcome on roads but I am always nervous when a law enforcement officer is nearby. I always wonder if I am getting away with something. Turns out I have been more than … Read More

Ready to Ride

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When we first moved to Colorado in 2001, I wanted a way to explore trails. Running didn’t come along for 4 more years. So we bought ATVs and moved about Colorado on 4 wheels. Kim and I had some great times. They also worked well for people who visited from out of state. Lots of fun doing tours around my … Read More

Running What Used To Be Carnage Canyon

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Distance 4.31 miles Time 1 hr 13 min Elevation Gain 2,184 feet GPS Analysis MotionBased With really warm weather today, it was a good opportunity for Natalee and Kyle to go ATVing. Good opportunity for me too — those things get no love over the winter and rot, so it would be good to get them out. So we went … Read More

Return To Jenny Lake

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Distance 22.77 miles Elevation Gain 2,604 feet About 6 months after Sydney was born, we took a Hummer outing to Jenny Lake. The family hasn’t been back since. I have been near many times as I lead visitors up the Moffat Road. I just finished getting my troublesome ATV repaired and it is now running better than my other one. … Read More