How Big Is Yours?

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With the addition of the Apple AirPort Express to my home network, I no longer have the requirement to have all my music encoded as MP3. Like most people, I have ripped each album I buy shortly after I buy it. Over the years, I have switched between several computers and several pieces of ripping software. The result is an … Read More

Safari Will Not Resize Java Applets

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I am stuck! Maybe somebody will run across this and have a suggestion or at least feel my pain. I am trying to get a web application to work on Safari, the Mac OS X browser of choice. One of the things I need to happen is for the multiple applets on the page to resize when the browser is … Read More

AirPort Express Finally Works

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Got my AirPort Express the other day and finally hooked it up tonight. I thought I knew what I was doing but everytime I would hook it up, it wouldn’t work. It went dead. I had to do a hard reset on it. The first thing I learned that was disappointing was that it will not act as a repeater … Read More

Apple Stays Ahead of the Curve

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Let me set this up. I have been buying all my music lately on the iTunes Music Store. Its so convienent that its addictive. Even my wife is getting into it. She has buying songs for our kid to listen to on iTunes. I hooked my iPod up in my truck. I developed a plugin for iTunes. I am all … Read More

Now Playing: An iTunes for Windows Plugin

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I gave up. Moved to open source on GitHub. Other Editions: iTunes for Mac OS X | Winamp | Windows Media Player Contents Overview Installation Instructions Configuration Schema Frequently Asked Questions Purchase Download Version History Contact Overview The Now Playing plugin allows you to easily publishing what you are listening to! The end result is something that could look like … Read More