Ain’t Got No Shuffle

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Through some interesting backlog or shipping issue, I received my Apple iPod Shuffle…dock today. No shuffle itself. Just the dock. How nice! Just enough to drive me nuts. I lined up the iPod family for a photo!

How Painful to Watch

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I was browsing and just saw this video from CES with Craig Barrett and Steven Tyler singing together. How awful. The other disappointment is that they are talking about some software that you can use to mix music on your computer. Um, isn’t this some kind of GarageBand rip-off? Pathetic. Invent something new. – Intel to Aerosmith: Walk … Read More

On The Eve Of

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MacWorld…geez. I can’t believe it has come to this. I am awaiting tomorrow’s MacWorld keynote to see what I need to buy from Apple. I am 3 for 3 on these Steve Job’s announcements. There was the Aiport Express, then the iMac G5, then my iPod Photo. Seems like I should just send them a check tonight. Who knows what … Read More

Project “Get Wife New Computer” Completed

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As previously discussed, I was shopping for a new laptop for my wife. There was always positive and negative comments on each brand. No clear winner. I personally like my Apple PowerBook but it is a Mac. Would my wife use a Mac? She has always been a Windows user. She wasn’t sure if she was interested. Drat. So I … Read More


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Oh god, I ordered an Apple product on the day it was announced. That makes it official — I have joined the Apple cult. Steve is the man.