Xbox Reborn

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Our kids watch nearly all their movies these days on my wife’s iMac. After the multitude of unreadable DVDs, I bought nearly all the SlySoft products about a year ago. They have been flawless. So now we buy DVDs and rip to ISOs. Then the kids can just double click on the movie they want in Finder and it loads … Read More

Seeing Things

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What the heck is that? Its Windows’s Solitaire and Photo Booth sharing the same desktop! Wait that’s the Vista sidebar and the OS X dock??? I was messing around with the new build of Parallels this weekend and they have this Coherence feature. Instead of running Windows full screen on your Mac, or running Windows in a window, you can … Read More

Why I Don’t Think I Want An iPhone

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I am sure there are a million blog posts on this already but… Apparently, you can’t run 3rd party software on the phone. I have all kinds of crap loaded on my Treo. SSH client, weather software, Sirius Radio, RSS Reader, etc. For me, this is the best part of the device…I mean phone. Is this touch screen keyboard going … Read More