Airport Extreme Flashing Amber

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My Aiport Extreme is not doing what it is supposed to. Worked fine the other day. Not today. Nothing changed that I know of. Here is the issue. I plug my Airport Extreme into the link from my ISP and all is well. Green light is on. Internet works just fine. Now, instead, if I plug the Airport Extreme into … Read More

Mino HD Video to iMovie to Apple TV

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The key thing is that the Apple TV only supports 1280 by 720 pixels at 24 fps. However, the Mino HD (and most cameras) capture at 30 fps. So you have downgrade the fps setting when you export the movie if you want it to sync & play on your Apple TV.

Crane Game in HD

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I got a new Mino HD camera. Giving the non-HD one to Kim for her purse. So I uploaded a quick video I shot of the kids to see how it goes. I tried this a few different ways to get YouTube to recognize the HD video. 1. I used the software on the Mino to upload to YouTube. That … Read More

Out of Stock

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On my way home today, I dialed up and made an appointment at the Genius Bar to replace my busted iPod shuffle. It won’t turn on. Under warranty still — only had it 3 months. So I had to wait around because I got there early. Plus they were pretty full on appointments so I had to kill some … Read More

Technology Woes

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iPod My couple month old iPod shuffle died today mid-run. Figured I had forgotten to charge it…but wasn’t sure that was likely. Came home and plugged it in and iTunes can’t see it. Tried the iPod reset utility. Nothing. When its off the charger, not a single light will come on. When its on the charger, it just flashes yellow … Read More