Leadville Trail 100 Run 2010

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Distance 100.0 miles Elevation Gain 15,600 feet Time 28:53:11.2 (PR) Pace 17:20 Rank 252 of 363 finishers/647 starters/797 registered GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Mission accomplished. On January 1st of this year, I set my goals for the year. The cornerstones were Boston and Leadville. Both were going to be difficult tasks in their own right. Boston went perfectly, but Leadville … Read More

Run: Mount Evans Road (16.44 mi)

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Mount Evans. My most tagged 14er. Usually, in the first few weeks of June, I race up that thing. Last year, after a disappointing finish, I decided to take a break from that race and do something else this June. Enter JV, who is going to race again at Evans this year. So when talk of this Thursday’s pseudo-regular training … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (7.25 mi)

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9 days to go… My main focus right now is getting back to my pre-vacation state of mind and body. Feeling a little foggy and tired given the sleep challenges presented by Kayla lately. Might have to nap sometime over the weekend. So when Kayla woke up again (every 2 hours!) at 6:30 this morning, I knew I might as … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (7.30 mi)

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I used to loathe winter in regards to running. The two didn’t mix. And because I was a wuss I let winter get the best of me and used it as an excuse. This year, things were different. Winter came and I ran. Winter keeps fighting to stay alive and I run. Spring came this week with its shirtless temperatures … Read More

Run: Green Mountain x 2 (10.35 mi)

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With MLK Day off work, I wanted to get a longer run in. I put out the call for Green and got 3 bites: GZ, CL, and AK. We started up Gregory at 7:30 AM. I set my moderate pace because I knew the 2nd lap was going to be so much harder if I blew it up on this … Read More