Run: Return to Green Mountain (5.49 mi)

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After months away, it was time to finally return to Green this weekend. Props to JV for bringing the camera. JV, Homie, Tony and I met up. Not the usual path for today. Steep route. I was working. Still suffering from the month off in terms of tightness. Calves hurt on the climbs. Quads on the downs. So I brought … Read More

D-Rock On A Building

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Walking downtown in Leadville this weekend, I saw this new sight up on the building next to the LT100 HQ… Wasn’t that a DNF year photo? I commented to my wife on that and she replied something to the effect of how he looks the part, all minimalist and in the moment. Who gives a crap how he finished. He … Read More

Ultrarunners Unite

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This video is making the rounds but I wanted to post for my non-Colorado friends that are interested. Boulder Trail Runners (BTR) hosts some winter speaking events in a very tight/small room at a restaurant in Boulder. I went last year and saw 2 great talks. One on footcare by Jeremy, the doctor I am currently seeing and another on … Read More

Let It Snow

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This video was making the rounds today. Posting here for those that don’t follow the blogs I follow…and my Mom. Back in November, when we had snow on the mountain, a groupish run occurred on Green. We found Tony out there with Joel from Running Times filming a little winter running movie. Shows what we like to run on in … Read More

Run: Coyote Creek (6.54 mi @ 08:09)

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MT100s. Much easier effort than yesterday. Hip seemed to cooperate but its on edge the whole time. Knee cap hurts to start before ligaments loosen up. Right hamstring actually seemed the tightest overall and is probably a key factor in this ball of twine injury. Everyday is something new. Ended up going out further on purpose for some extra time … Read More