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That’s a strategy! Moved some positions around this past week. Here is my current line-up. 20 is about the max I can tolerate and (pretend to) stay on top of things. That leaves me 1 slot if I get an itch. AAPL: Its never going to stop. AEP: 5.2% dividend. Kids. College. My Dad used it on me. Repeating. AMZN: … Read More


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I added to my position in AMZN today after hearing the news: Google Editions brings “open ecosystem” to ebook market The markets were down 2-3% today while AMZN dropped 5.48% on that weakness and this news. I just don’t see the downside. Google will come into the space but they will not dominate. They haven’t dominated anything that is secondary … Read More


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Prior to 2000-2001, I used to look at my stocks daily. Everything was fun in that market. They were giving money away. Since that time, we bought a house and I took a lot of money out of the market to finance that. But over the last few months, I have been re-energized and the market is one of my … Read More

Stay With eBay?

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I am struggling with one stock in my portfolio: eBay. eBay has been a great stock but is there still more room left? Cramer has been advocating selling it. I am wondering if that is a good call or not. eBay got where it is based on lots of good work but I think its mostly marketing and not technology-based. … Read More