Facebook Bans Now Playing Plugin

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Yesterday, I was suddenly locked out of my Facebook account. I had to go through a series of security steps to regain access. Looking at pictures of friends and had to identify them by multiple choice. Really? When you show me a baby picture of someone I barely know and have me choose if they are 1 of 6 people … Read More

Now Playing Plugin

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I was getting a few too many people buying the wrong version of the plugin so I opted to setup an alternate domain at nowplayingplugin.com with a splash page that gives them the choice of editions. Hopefully, this clears things up. Nothing too fancy but I tried to make the page concise with the logo, a sample, and links to … Read More

Now Playing Facebook Support Updated

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The “API gods” over at Facebook have decided to once again change the world by removing the ability to update profile boxes via the API. They seem to be locking down the profile by only allowing some type of tabs to be created. I am bored. Too many changes. Given that and the difficulty in setting up profile stuff, I … Read More

Now Playing Twitter Support Now On Mac

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When I started seeing this phenomenon, I knew I had to get back to work on my Mac OS X version of Now Playing. I added Twitter support for my Windows editions back in 2007. However, that was before Twitter was Twitter and nobody knew what to do with it. Fast forward to today when people are manually typing in … Read More

Now Playing Supports SFTP, Finally

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Adding SFTP to Now Playing was a breeze on Windows. I had a component that I had bought for Orion so I just used that. Couple DLL calls and it was done. On the Mac, I was looking for something similar but never found it. Never found any good code either. How to integrate this in a nice way? I … Read More