Hummer Happening: Empire Tour

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Today, we took my Mom and Dad out with us on a Hummer Happening. We started out of Empire, Colorado, and took some mining roads up. We had about 20 trucks out there today. Silver Mountain, the one we were driving around, had every square inch of it picked and shoveled back in the 1800s when people were finding gold. … Read More

H2 Shovel and Hi-Lift Mounts for a GOBI Stealth Rack

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Many people buy cars and just drive them. Although when people buy trucks, something different happens. They accessorize them — hitches, winches, toolboxes, etc. Driving the truck almost becomes a secondary purpose. I wonder if my Dad influenced me with his old beast. Anyway, I really wanted to get some gear on the truck to help out when you (or … Read More

Taming Kelly Flats

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Today, the Colorado Hummer Club planned an event at Kelly Flats. I have done this trail on my ATV before and it was pretty challenging. The big ruts and steep vertical climbs are pretty tough. I took my wife here and she asked that we go somewhere easier. So nothing better than to try it in my truck! We met … Read More

The Crested Butte Carwash

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After a long weekend of offroading, you gotta wash your car! Where did it go? Nice and clean! The exit from the carwash is kinda rough and needs improvements. Oh well, it was a free carwash anyway.

That’s One Way to Recycle

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Today, I went to the season kickoff of the Colorado Hummer Club. This is my first full season since I got my H2 so I went to learn and train with the club pros. Our class was small so we received lots of individual attention. Here are a few of the rigs. Mine on the right. Our first exercise was … Read More