Soft Top

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I had seen this online a while back but I saw it in person while visiting the Exploratorium in San Francisco last weekend.

Unsticking B2 In The H2

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I have always been embarrassed about that time I got my family stuck in the snow. So today I was working away and got a call from B2 (Becky) telling me that she was stuck and couldn’t get out. Since you don’t know B2, I will just say that she is very adventurous. This is a girl that gets strangers … Read More


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There is a documentary coming out on some Hummers offroading in Moab. Watch the trailer — it will either make your heart thump or your pants wet.

Hummer Happening: Ice Driving

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I have been waiting a long time for this event! Every year we have a conflict. Not this year. Today was the annual Hummer Ice Driving Academy on Georgetown Lake. The day starts with a catered breakfast while learning about ice driving skills. Bill, the guy that teaches the class, has dozens of years in law enforcement and teaches this … Read More

Hummer Happening: Empire Tour Video

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I was pulling video off the camera and thought this was descent footage of our recent outing. It is not the most scenic part of the trip but a cool winding trail up through the forest. This is not an extreme trail so don’t start thinking I am a wuss — I had the whole family with me. Probably more … Read More