Hacking My Car Again

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For some dumb safety reason, Pioneer will not let you enter addresses into the GPS while the car is in motion — further more, the only way it allows you to prove you are not in motion is to have the parking brake over. So the scenario is while Kim and I are in the car, I have to pull … Read More

Service 4WD

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Got “Service 4WD” message on my H2 display several times now. I just had it in 2 weeks ago for service so “now what?”. Ran it by this morning and the diagnostic code came up as C0306. Service guy looked that up and it said “there is an intermittent open in the t-case actuator motor”. So they replaced the actuator … Read More

Pimp My Ride

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After I got my H2, I put a lot into a variety of offroad upgrades like the winch, Sirius, iPod audio, and rack mounts. Since then I haven’t spent much on upgrades. Late last year, my eyes started wandering to other trucks. Look at the cool stuff they have! So I decided it was time to refresh the truck and … Read More

Mini Hummer Academy

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MedVed, my Hummer dealership, has a track setup out behind the dealership where you can go and test drive a new Hummer off-road. Hell, if you are going to buy a Hummer you might as well test it where it was designed to go. One of the other things the dealership does is put on a monthly Hummer Academy. The … Read More

Hummer Happening: Fall Folliage 2006

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We haven’t been offroading as a family in a while. I have been spending all that time running and hiking in the mountains instead of driving up them. Well, today, our friends at Medved Hummer put on another wonderful Hummer Happening. Remember, these are not extreme offroad adventures — these are family outings — so don’t give me crap about … Read More