There’s An App For That

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My Dad suggested I call it “Angry Birds 2” but I stuck with the official name. We are finally live in the App Store as of tonight! This was a fun project with lots of new stuff to learn along the way. Apple has quite an ecosystem setup here. Lots of steps along the way for developers. Glad to have … Read More

Java Says “No fonts found” on Amazon Linux AMI

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Ran into a snag over the weekend and didn’t find a single article to help solve this so I will contribute my learnings to the greater good. I was using JasperReports locally just fine. But when I deployed to my EC2 instance running the Amazon Linux AMI 2011.02, it blew up. Hmmm. This AMI uses the OpenJDK and many point … Read More

The Beauty of CloudInit

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Over the past few months, for work and for side-projects, I have moved to deploying my web applications into the cloud. Why not. Its the all the rage right now. But it really was always the cloud to begin with. It used to be dedicated or virtual private servers (VPS). And that is how I looked at Amazon AWS in … Read More

Apache Wicket Cookbook

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Wicket has been apart of my workday for quite a few years now. I wanted to give back somehow. Today, it finally arrived! I was contacted last summer about this project and I accepted right away. I was excited to work with Igor Vaynberg on this book as he is a core committer on Apache Wicket. I frequently have used … Read More

Mac App Store Fails For Plugins

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Given the success of the App Store on the iPhone, it was no surprise it would come to the Mac. So I figured I ought to try and put my Now Playing plugin into the App Store. See if it generates some additional revenue over my direct web site sales. Bad news. Doesn’t work for plugins. I kind of had … Read More