Bros For Life

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Once upon a time, I sat in a cubicle at Intel during my summer internship. I overheard the guy in the cubicle next to me talking about a subject that I was familiar with. Turns out he was an intern from Purdue as well! While I was just a freshman, this guy was pursuing his master’s degree. Such wisdom. We … Read More

Leadville Trail 100 10K 2013

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This is the least known of the Leadville events. A simple 10K run on the first 2-ish miles of the LT100 course. Up and down the Boulevard basically. I always think I will jump into it but a 10K doesn’t seem like anything I need to do the week before a 100 miles. Plus, why spend $30 to run on … Read More

Leadville Trail 100 MTB 2013

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At 6 AM this morning, I woke everybody but Kayla up to see the bike race come by our corner of Leadville. We bundled everybody up as it was only 30 degrees outside. At 6:30 exactly, I could hear the shotgun go off in town…since I was listening for it. I directed the crowd that had gathered at the corner … Read More

Rock On My Turkish Brother

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Mr. Sem Kurtulus sent me a flyer for the upcoming show of his band, Highcyde. I can’t make this one so I bumbed. I will hit the next one — is there a next one? 🙂 So all you Bay Area folks better get to the show and root them on. I heard the demos — they don’t suck.

Bearly Made It

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Alex “The Russian Funnel”, one of my co-workers, was in Yosemite last week and he saw a bear near camp. Its not uncommon to see a bear in Yosemite but its uncommon for somebody to have the balls to take a picture of it! When we were years ago, a bear went through the camp site at night but you … Read More