Aspartame Free

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From time to time, I get on a kick and try and do something different. So I decided back in May it was time to stop drinking diet soda. So I finished up every last drop in the house and instructed the shopping chief to purchase these products no more. The rest was up to me. I knew it wouldn’t … Read More

Burger Wars Jumps The Shark?

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Previously. The people at the so-called NEWS have come up with their own A-list awards and have a burger category. How spectacular! But can you seriously trust any voting competition on fine dining when the other categories include best pilates, best dog kennels, and best pawn shop? Oh well, let’s see what they have to say… Red Robin on top. … Read More


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Nobody felt like anything fancy on Mother’s Day. That’s usually our trend. Stay away from the crowded places on the holidays only to return to have a quieter meal on a weekday. So when I asked the mother of my children where she wanted to go, she said she was in the mood for Smashburger. Another bonus in the selection … Read More

Casa Bonita

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Nothing finer… Today is Sydney‘s 7th birthday! When asked where she wanted to eat lunch, she said “the place where the gorilla runs around the restaurant”. Sweet! We jumped in the car and made the birthday wish come true. Last time we were there it was jam packed. Not today post lunch hour. We got a nice table right up … Read More