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How I spent my Saturday… That’s the carpet out of my daughter’s room upside down on the driveway. The big spots? Piss. Turns out our dog decided to start peeing in her room recently. Then the other animals piled on. Reagan hid a few of these from us by putting books on them because “she didn’t want them to get … Read More

5:36 AM

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Kim wakes me up and says: I think I hear meowing outside. I was in a deep sleep so I heard nothing. We had been sleeping in the guest bedroom that overlooks the deck with our window open and lots of blankets on to keep warm. I run out to the front door and open it slowly and just stand … Read More

Happy Decade, Son

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Today was my son’s 10th birthday! The girls said he should get a bacon cheeseburger so that’s what he got. With candle and all! They sung to him too. In previous years, we would usually remember his birthday about a week late and be like “oh well, he is a dog”. But this year, we didn’t forget to celebrate his … Read More


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When people come to our house and meet our animals, there was usually only one animal that provoked the most special of responses from people: If you ever had to find a new home for your pets, I would take Tasman in a heartbeat! Nobody ever said that about my beloved dog, Dakota. Because Tasman is different. Tasman is a … Read More