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On December 15th, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a stray dog was found. No one claimed her. Somehow she gets carted up to Boulder County, Colorado and goes up for adoption about a month later. Somehow a family that has a Shepard-mix sees this dog and decides that this will be Ozzy’s girlfriend. I was powerless. Introducing Lizzy! She weighs … Read More

The Dog Life

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Ozzy is getting bigger by the week. Finished his first dog training class series. Got a cool custom name tag. Then we chopped his balls off this past week. Recovering nicely. Ready to run!

More Smarter Dog

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JT was making fun of my dog on The Facebook. I am pretty sure this makes my dog super more awesome than his dog. Maybe I should get a bumper sticker. Kayla thinks he is great too! When he isn’t chasing her around. But she is learning to smack him up side the head and say no. Starting to work.


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Dad, we want a puppy. After the passing of our last dog in 2012, the kids were pretty set on not letting that get them down. The older dogs were said to not have played with the kids because they didn’t grow up with the kids. Now they wanted a puppy of their own. I was not interested. Dogs are … Read More

I Love You, Wyatt

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Today, I said goodbye to my friend. A few weeks ago, Wyatt started having more difficulty because of his kidney disease. We lost Dakota almost 3 years ago to the same sickness so we had an eye for the symptoms. We changed out his food to yet another level of kidney-friendly diet. We hoped for the best. But we got … Read More