Purse Dog

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More like shopping bag dog but you get the idea. Actually, Luna was tearing it up at Copper Mountain all day and got tired. Turns out she was sick and puked up something she ate there later that night. But it was still nice of her mommy to care her around.


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We had been browsing the animal shelter lately. Even made a few trips inside to meet a few suspects. However, this one popped up Saturday night and by Sunday afternoon…. The meet-and-great was pretty exciting for everyone involved. Cuteness overload. And with that…we had a new member to the family. The big dogs are mine. We run together. We explore … Read More

Lizzy Turns Two

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My baby girl is growing up so fast. To celebrate her special day, we took her to the dog beach at Union Reservoir. Pretty much from the moment she got out of the car, she was a spaz. Running up and down the beach. Chasing dogs. Swimming out and back. I am not sure where these dogs get the energy. … Read More

Ozzy Turns Two

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I still think of him as a puppy but he has been his own man since we got him. Always interested in the chase, the run, and the adventure. So for his birthday today, we left work a bit early and went to see if we could get up on top of Colorado real quick. We arrived at the Mount … Read More

RIP Yoshi

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Today, our orange cat, Yoshi, was sitting in Kim’s lap. Suddenly, he kind of fell off of her like he lost consciousness. I heard Kim scream from the other room. When I went in Kim was picking him up and he was gasping for air. Then suddenly his mouth opened wide and his eyes got fully dilated. He was dead. … Read More