On Top of Colorado — Almost

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So yesterday while ATVing I start telling Ben about the legendary Long’s Peak trek of 2001 that Natalee and I made.  Then I started telling Ben how the next big one I want to climb is Mt. Elbert, which stands at 14,433 ft.  Its ONLY the 2nd largest mountain in the lower 48 states….but the deceiving part is that its … Read More

Too Much Too Drink?

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Ok, so Steve and I are cruising around Pleasure Island, which is Disney’s bar scene if that makes sense, and we decided that it was in our best interest to have the Orion company photo taken. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea…


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Well, I am in Orlando for another AACVPR-affiliate conference. These don’t usually produce much business right away so I always wonder why we come.  But its fun to talk with the people and get ideas of course.  The show was at the Hilton as Disney.  Kids all over the place — except mine which is at home. Drinking at the bar … Read More

My Town

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I was cleaning out my documents folder today and I came across an old favorite picture.  Kim & I were driving through South Dakota when I noticed that the next city was called Brandon.  Upon driving around I saw the Brandon High School, Brandon Library, etc.  It was like I was the mayor.  Pretty funny.


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Today I got a very exciting e-mail from the MetClub: Congratulations!! You are the lucky winner of two tickets to see Metallica at the world renowned Fillmore Theatre in San Francisco on Thurs May 22nd 2003. Metallica Video Shoot at San Quentin I never win anything.  And finally, something good!  Now, the trick is I have to get there.  This baby … Read More