Moffat Road and Jenny Creek Trail

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I decided to do a little trail scouting today. You see — with OHV trails you never quite know where they are and how good they are. So I like to go and find them and ride them all by myself before taking other folks. So today I headed out to Rollinsville. This town is literally a train junction with … Read More

Heil Ranch

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We took Sydney for another hike today at Heil Ranch. On the hike we saw this rock that I thought looked like a dog’s face. Kim thought it was more like a frog. What do you think?

Button Rock

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We took Sydney for her first hike today. On the way into the park, I had some hippee give me the #1 sign as we drove in. Then on the way out, some other guy gave me the shaking-my-fist-at-you move. When driving the H2, you either get the “hey, cool truck” look or the “hey, evil earth-trashing gas-sucking maggot SOB” … Read More

Roll Baby, Roll

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Today was the last day of bachelorhood. The ladies are returning home from Indiana tomorrow morning. I decided to take my new neighbor out on the ATVs. He has ridden many times before so I figured he would be a quick study. We went to Lefthand Canyon. If you have ever ridden with me on a visit here, you have … Read More

84…And Still Kicking Ass

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Not Carole, you idiot….Mimi.  The woman was driven by 2 factors:  1.  Her 25-year old grandaughter climbed a mountain that is 9 feet less in height 2 years ago and Mimi must out do her. 2.  Her 57-year old son decided that he would not make the journey to the top complaining of physical conditions. Mimi On Mount Evans from Brandon … Read More