In Memory Of Those Dudes

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Today was the the day to see all the memorials. So our first memorial of the day was for the Korean War. Have to say I don’t know much about that war so either I fell asleep in school or we skipped over it. The memorial was kind of different looking. Not sure if it was really that inspiring as … Read More

The United States Is Closed for Renovations

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After getting our NASCAR fill, we headed up to Washington for my first visit to my nation’s capitol. We first drove in by the Pentagon. There were cranes and other construction equipment all around. As well as an occasional HUMVEE parked with machine guns on it and soliders inside. The building was big — but not quite as tall as … Read More

Back at Lefthand

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Well, after last weekend’s snow ride at Lefthand Canyon, I was ready to see some dirt this weekend. So I took Wes to Lefthand for a ride. Wes is a cyclist. It was time to teach him why God made engines. 🙂 When we reached the first stop, a few guys were having fun posing their trucks across this ditch. … Read More

Got Some Tail

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Today was our last full day in Maui. We took a dinner cruise tonight put on by the whale foundation. After seeing Maui by car and air, it was time for the view by sea. This is a shot of the Maui coastline near Lahaina. We saw lots of whales blowing water out of their spouts from a distance. After … Read More

Air Maui

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After driving around Maui, we thought it was time to get up above it. The real attraction for me was getting to go over to another island. Lanai and Molokai are about 10 miles offshore. We left the airport and headed up through the middle of the northern Maui crater. There were plenty of waterfalls through the canyon. One set … Read More